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IMAGINE that reality is not what you see, and what you see is not the whole reality! Mixed, augmented and virtual reality apps here to power your imagination! A whole new world is waiting for you!


is a startup company founded with one goal, to develop mobile apps and apps for holographic computers using virtual, augmented and mixed reality technologies.

The vision and mission of the company is to create innovative solutions with soul purpose to make everyday life easier to end-users and with growth and improvement expand to potential markets, enlarging service offer and investing in people in order to be better and even more ready for greater challenges.

By using new technologies of virtual, augmented and mixed reality, the company will provide progressive and high quality innovative solutions that will give added value for the users and products. Company has a high-end environment and is the place where young experts work and learn and by doing so, they contribute to the growth of the community with their socially responsible behaviour.

Mixed Reality

Microsoft HoloLens is the most powerful holographic computer in the world that puts users to the centre of the mixed reality experience, projects 3D objects and images and enables the user to interact with them. Although at first sight it gives the impression of the devices of virtual reality, it is actually a mixed reality device because HoloLens places holograms into the real world environment and you can see, hear and interact with them all around you. It is controlled via hand gestures or voice commands. It is worn like glasses and works without connection to another computer or a mobile device which makes it a standalone holographic computer.

Augmented Reality

AR (augmented reality) is a mixture of several technologies that enable the user to mix virtually generated content with real world content directly in his sight. The basic characteristics that define augmented reality are: a combination of real and virtual objects in real environment, interaction and real time action as well as registration and syncing real and virtual objects that are related.

Virtual Reality

VR (virtual reality) is the use of computer modelling and simulation that enables the user to get interacted with his artificial 3D surroundings. The application of virtual reality gives the user the opportunity to dive into a computerized surrounding that simulates the reality through the use of interactive devices that send and receive information and are being worn like glasses, earphones ,gloves or suits. In its ususal VR format, the user that wears a helmet with a stetoscope display sees animated images of his simulated surrounding.

Mobile Apps

Mobile apps are software solutions developed exclusively to be used on small wireless devices like cell phones and tablets. The purpose of the applications is to make life easier for the user and give him the possibilty to personalize them. Our apps use the augmented reality technology that gives the users a totally new user experience.