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Microsoft HoloLens is the most powerful holographic computer in the world that puts users to the centre of the mixed reality experience, projects 3D objects and images and enables the user to interact with them.

is a mixture of several technologies that enables the user to see and mix virtually generated content with real world content in real time.

is the use of computer modelling and simulation that enables the user to get interacted with his artificial 3D surroundings or experience the full 360 video technology.

Mobile apps are software solutions developed for smart phones and tablets, but we are adding augmented reality features, come and see a brand new world!

Skill services

360 photo and video recording 0
360 photo and video editing 0
Aerial footage with DJi drones 0
3D modeling 0
Animation and riging 0
VR and AR application development 0

360 video recording

With Insta360 and Garmin technology

360 video editing

Using Adobe After Effects, Mistika VR and Mocha PRO

Air and air 360 video recording

With DJi drones and Insta360 technology

3D modeling

Using Blender and Wacom CINTIQ PRO

Modeling, animation and riging

Using Blender and Cinema 4D

VR and AR Application development

Using Unity 3D

Who Are We?

Spectre is s startup company founded in 2016 that deals with, among other areas, mobile apps development but its main focus is the development of augmented reality apps.

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Trg Kralja Tomislava 3, 31550 Valpovo

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